Introducing: Mozaic Dance Team
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Our team name is Mozaic. It stands for Multicultural Outgoing Zealous Artistic Innovative Creative. The founding members chose this acronym for its meaning of diversity and because of the individual words that make up mozaic.

Mozaic Dance Team is a competitive hip hop dance team at James Madison University.

The purpose of Mozaic Dance Team is to give male and female dancers the opportunity, in a team atmosphere, to express themselves through dance, performances and competitions.

Brief history:
In 2003, the Mozaic Dance Club was formed to bridge cultural differences and foster a universal appreciation for modern/hiphop dance on campus. It was founded by Devin Borum (President), Travis Mitchell (Vice President), Ava Trinidad (Secretary & Treasurer) in collaboration with Ashley Parks (Choreographer). The executive team formed Mozaic to illustrate the true representation of campus diversity through the art of modern/hiphop dance. All for the love of dancing, they were motivated to form Mozaic during their last year at JMU. Since its founding, Mozaic has offered the opportunity for male and female dancers from different backgrounds to express themselves through dance in a team atmosphere, as well as share their talents throughout campus.

Today, Mozaic is an ever growing family that takes pride at being bold and being yourself. Mozaic has broadened their network, from not just James Madison University and the greater Harrisonburg community, but also throughout the Eastcoast.

Harrisonburg, VA at James Madison University


  • being able to turn Mozaic as a team around within 4 years from a team who was not recognized in the dance community to one who is part of one, and is spreading dance fully everywhere we go
  • creating COALESCENCE hip hop dance showcase
  • winning two or our three competitions at 1st and 2nd place
  • finally creating a family from our team and creating a legacy of dance at James Madison University

We all have our reasons to dance, but the main reason is because we love it, its our lives, and we want our voices to be heard. Dance is us, its why we dance.

We would like to think its because our dancing speaks for itself, but also because we support anyone who supports dance.