Introducing: CREWcial pt I
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We are CREWcial from Hampton Roads, VA. Our name came from a name brainstorming session. Many were put into consideration, but jokingly “CREWcial” was thrown in and ended up being the name we chose.

What started as a group of friends coming together just to dance and hang out, friendships and connections were made and CREWcial was eventually formed.

Our accomplishments: The fact that we have stayed together for going on four years but still maintain our initial mindset is probably our greatest accomplishment. As far as dancing goes, we have all grown tremendously over the years but it is more than that. We have formed such a strong bonds with each other; friendships that will last a lifetime. Members have come and gone but our love for dance and for each other will remain the same.

We continue to dance because it is our creative outlet and it’s what we all have in common. No matter where we are, what we’re doing or where we’re going in our lives, dance will always be that passion shared between us and will always bring us back to each other. Simply put, we truly love to dance.

We continue to dance because we feel we are “CREWcial” to the DMV dance community (see what we did there?). But all jokes aside we feel as though we are good representations to what dancing is about. It comes solely from our hearts and everything else comes after. We want to improve our craft and share with others but we will always be family first.