Introducing: Outta Kontrol Dance Crew pt II
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Introducing: Outta Kontrol Dance Crew pt I
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Team Code: CT010

What is the name of your group?
Outta Kontrol Dance Crew, the way we had received our name was because we were the students on campus that would break out dancing in the middle of nowhere. We would dance in the café, while walking in our classrooms, walking anywhere on campus, anywhere that was appropriate to move and just dance. The name came about Outta Kontrol because we were out of control and would dance and do it anywhere we wanted.

What is the history of your group?
The story begins in the basement of J&H at Temple University. Five dancers were practicing for a talent show the next day. They decided to bring in a new dancer with quite the reputation at Temple, named Cedric Hall. From a one night practice, the group scored a second place trophy at the show. The 5 dancers who competed began to build a good friendship and continued to dance together in the Spring of 2004. They continued to build upon this relationship throughout the summer, and, come fall, they decided to keep practicing together. However, the team wasn’t founded that quickly. They continued to have small practices until one day they arrived at the first TUV online session. Another Temple Dance Crew was performing for the show. The group felt that they could do BETTER and decided to form their own. And thus, the formation of Outta Kontrol. The members collaborated with TUV online, Brandy Staton, and many others in order to build their popularity. The team name was a result of a collaboration of the 2 male founders on Temple University Campus 8 years ago.

What is your group’s hometown?
We are all dancers from Philadelphia, PA and we are all students at Temple University.

What do you feel are your group’s greatest accomplishments to date?
Our greatest accomplishments as a group are that we are family first dancers second. We are all students and will all graduate from Temple University. Now as a group we are the current Philly’s Best Dance Crew champions 2 years in a row, we were accepted to do BET Spring Fling 2010, and hopefully we will be the next PRELUDE DMV CHAMPS!

Why does your group continue to dance?
We all continue to dance because dance is who we are. We sleep, breath, and eat dance and we just love showing the world what we have as dancers. We all have a talent and why not portray it to others to get their passions out of them.

Why should the others support your group?
We are all well-rounded individuals trying to further our educations and move on to the real world and open dance studios, continue to teach classes, and even go on tour. We dance from the heart and we dance all styles of hip-hop. When we dance we aim to wow the crowd and we keep it all on the stage for the audience to LOVE!