Introducing: Splittin’ Image
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What is the name of your group? In addition, how did your group get its name?
The name of the group is Splittin’ Image.  Our name was developed from the idea that dance and dancers can be different parts of the same picture and that each dancer can portray different characters.

What is the history of your group? In addition, why did your group form?
The group was originally formed as a performance favor for a friend and has changed over the years from an all guys’ crew to be what it is current.

What is your group’s hometown?
The dancers are from DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

What do you feel are your group’s greatest accomplishments to date?
Performing at Joe’s Emporium Movement where we were displayed a different style of show to a mature crowd that is not a typical performance from a DMV area based dance crew, winning the Live at the Sound Stage award for best live performance, and placing second in Prelude 2011.

Why does your group continue to dance?
We continue to dance to give each member a voice and a vehicle to develop and to be who they want to be as an artist.

Why should the others support your group?
Others should support us because we value the importance of support for artists across the board and feel as though it should be mutual.  A respect for and high value we place on art, ours and others, is what should garner support for us.  We created an out path based only our desire as individuals, not from a mold of anything.